Displacement size from 55 to 165D cc

Self-regulating pump for open circuit operation

Legal emission regulations force manufacturers of mobile machinery to optimize the noise emission of their products. Since secondary measures tend to be expensive and less efficient Linde Hydraulics prefers to fight the noise where it is generated: by optimally connecting an additional volume directly next to the commutation of the HPR-02 pump, Linde Hydraulics invented the SPU silencer. The adaptive SPU reduces pressure pulsations in the regulating pump over the entire range of operation – without loss of power.


  • optimum interaction with Linde LSC control valves and LinTronic
  • energy saving operation by ‘flow on demand’-control
  • dynamic response
  • excellent suction up to rated speed
  • noise optimization over the whole range of operation
  • compact design
  • high power density
  • high reliability
  • long working life

Design characteristics

  • axial piston pump in swashplate design for high pressure open circuit systems
  • clockwise or counter clockwise rotation
  • self-priming at high nominal speed
  • tank pressurization or swash angle reduction for high speed applications
  • adaptive noise optimization SPU
  • decompression fluid is discharged via pump housing to keep suction side calm
  • exact and robust load sensing controllers with or without swash plate position feedback


  • LP load sensing with pressure cut-off
  • H1L load sensing with hydraulic ΔpLS – override
  • E1L load sensing with electrical ΔpLS – override
  • LEP load sensing with electric stroke limiter and pressure cut-off
  • ETP electro-proportional with hyperbolic power-limiter and pressure cut-off
  • TL2 load sensing with hyperbolic power limiter

Sectional View

  • 1LS-regulator: optimum utilisation of power
  • 2swash plate: hydrostatic bearing
  • 3piston-slipper assembly: 21° swash angle
  • 4housing: one-piece design for high rigidity
  • 5valve plate housing: highly integrated
  • 6two control pistons: servo-controlled swash plate
  • 7power take-off: for mounting of additional pumps
  • 8cylinder barrel: compact due to 21° technology
  • 9suction channel: optimised suction capacity without tank pressurization
  • 10SPU: reduced pressure pulsation over the entire operating range


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