8. March 2016

The VT1 Modular – Linde Hydraulics launches its new modular valve system for mini-series and prototypes

  • rapid, freely-combinable customer-specific solutions for low-volume mobile and industrial applications or prototypes
  • plug and play – advice from selected dealers and on-site installation and delivery at short notice
  • proven, high-quality series technology; can be combined with all products from Linde Hydraulics; performance data of up to 600l/min per function and 420 bar nominal pressure
  • convertible between the hydraulic and electro-hydraulic version whenever required

Aschaffenburg, March 10, 2016 – Linde Hydraulics GmbH and Co. KG will be introducing its new VT1 Modular, a new modular valve system for mini-series and prototypes, at the Bauma. The VT1 Modular system allows for up to seven user functions. Each function is controlled via a high pressure directional spool valve, with possibilities to include secondary pressure and flow controls, all of which consist of the latest high quality and proven series parts. The modular system also allows for flows of up to 600l/min per function and 420 bar nominal pressure. The VT Modular system will be available for order when the Bauma opens in April 2016.

Plug and Play
The new VT1 Modular system offers customers “plug and play” operation: if required and following on-site advice from a dealer, users can flexibly combine individual components and have these assembled at the dealer’s premises directly. If not all components are available, dealers can order parts for re-stocking purposes at short notice. The standardised components enable Linde Hydraulics to offer rapid deliverytimes, which means that all components are available in less than 14 days. At the same time, all valves from the VT1 Modular system can naturally be combined with all other products from Linde Hydraulics as required.
“Our new VT1 Modular system offers our dealers and end-customers top flexibility in implementing specific valve technology requirements,” said Janfried A. Tirre, Chief Sales Officer at Linde Hydraulics. As this is a coherent system of proven series components, the VT1 Modular system from Linde Hydraulics considerably reduces both costs and the time required to equip mini-series prototypes.

The VT1 Modular

The VT1 Modular

R+D in the Field
Linde Hydraulics also makes 3D-CAD files (.stp files) and installation drawings available for all VT1 Modular components on its website Engineers designing the prototypes or mini-series can access the CAD files from anywhere in the world at any time and can include all the data in their development processes early on. As soon as the development stage has been completed, they can have the required individual parts assembled by their nearest Linde Hydraulics dealer.

Hydraulic or Electro-Hydraulic Operation – Convertible at Short Notice
Another advantage of the VT1 Modular is its flexibility: the same system can be controlled either hydraulically or electro-hydraulically. And subsequent changes to the VT1 Modular can be carried out “in the field” just by changing the relay components and without dismantling the power hydraulics.


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