HMV-02 D

Displacement sizes 105D and 165D cc

Variable displacement double motor for open and closed circuit operation

This new axial piston motor has been developed by Linde Hydraulics to achieve maximum speeds higher than conventional swash plate designs. Additionally, a large displacement volume in a compact design means wider transmission speed ranges, normally achieved with modular transmissions, are possible. The HMV-02 D is about 30 % lighter than a motor combined with transfer gear box, and has a smaller footprint. The increased power density was achieved through the innovative design of two in-line swash plate rotating groups in a "face-to-face" arrangement. As a result, only one control is needed to adjust the displacement volume of the two motors. The inner lateral forces are compensated so that only one drive shaft and two (instead of four) bearings are required for both rotating groups.


  • High power density
  • High starting torque
  • High speed capability
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Increased average efficiency

Design characteristics

  • Axial piston double motor in swashplate design for high pressure open and closed circuit systems
  • Two rotating groups in face-to-face arrangement with common control
  • PTO through-drive motor
  • Positive control (default=Vmin)

Sectional View

  • 1Double axial piston motor with high power density
  • 2Common control (default=Vmin) for both rotating groups
  • 3Piston-slipper assembly enabels 21° swash angle
  • 42 rotating groups in face-to-face alignment enable high starting torque and high speeds
  • 5Supreme overall efficiency due to possible dry case operation and no windage losses
  • 6Drive through for compact four-wheel drive and without the need of a dropbox


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Productcatalogue-Turning-Power-into-Motion.pdf PDF 10.18 Mb Download
Fact-sheet-HMV-02-D-for-Construction.pdf PDF 971.55 Kb Download
Fact-sheet-Double-motor.pdf PDF 1.07 Mb Download ZIP 2.18 Mb Download

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