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Product advantages

  • direct response behaviour
  • most simple machine operation
  • further increase in energy efficiency
  • automatic recognition of the working condition in high dynamic or fine control mode
  • automatic optimization of typical tasks like grading or shaking the bucket of an excavator
  • manual adjustment of load dependent or load independent system behaviour and system dynamics by the operator
  • optional prioritization of actuators with each other enables an adjustment to the current situation, like e.g. the space curve

With its latest LSC generation, LSC+, Linde combines the design characteristics of the proven LSC system with the benefits of the electric control.

The powerful electronic control unit recognises the operator’s command by the amplitude and the speed with which the joysticks are being moved. It then sets the pump and the valves according to the dynamic demand. Due to the overlaid, classic load-sensing control mechanism, no sensors are needed. All components are provided by a single source and matched perfectly with each other. The operator can change the system’s behaviour electronically with regard to its dynamics and fine control, as well as its dependency or independency on the load.

This enables multi-purpose machines which can quickly be optimized to the specific use by the operator. With completely opened valves, the actuators can be controlled exclusively via the pump’s control to achieve the maximum possible efficiency.


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