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Load sensing directional control valve

LSC Valve Technology

  • excellent control with all flows
  • load independent
  • precision metering
  • dynamic response for fast working cycles
  • energy saving
  • integral
  • simple sensitive operation
  • high reliability
  • long service life

Design characteristics

  • closed centre load sensing directional control valves in spool design
  • hydraulic or electric proportional control
  • monoblock or single valve design
  • extension of valve blocks possible by single valves
  • horizontal and vertical installation
  • valves can be mounted directly onto the actuator
  • SAE high pressure ports
  • NEW: modular building block system

Integrated functions

  • fine mode
  • priority selection
  • pressure limitation for load sensing and regulating pump
  • step-up function
  • torque control function
  • load holding function
  • lowering throttles
  • make up
  • anti-cavitation security by adjustable return line
  • regeneration function
  • automatic air bleed valve
  • float function

Technical Data

Nominal pressurebar350350350350
Peak pressure (intermittent)bar420420420420

Exploded View

  • 1Load Sensing Directional Control Valve: shown as sub plate mounted valve, alternatively available as sandwich valve
  • 2Cross-sections: thoroughly dimensioned in several nominal sizes
  • 3Valve control spool: with integrated compensators and pressure copiers
  • 4Compensator: downstream, for compensation, one per side
  • 5Pressure copier: integrated in compensator, one per side
  • 6Centering spring: in two versions for two pilot pressure ranges
  • 7Shim: independently adjustable start of function on each side
  • 8Throttle check valve: in pilot pressure port, adjusting valve dynamics
  • 9Mechanical stroke limiter: independent flow limitation on each side
  • 10Pilot-operated pressure relief valves: with flat flow-pressure characteristic, make-up function optional
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