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Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc

Variable pumps for closed circuit operation

  • compact design
  • high power density
  • dynamic response
  • high reliability
  • long service life
  • noise-optimized
  • precise and load-independent

Design characteristics

  • axial piston pump in swashplate design for high pressure closed loop systems
  • clockwise or counter clockwise rotation
  • exact and rugged servo control devices (mechanical, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic)
  • integrated high pressure relief valves with make-up function
  • integrated low pressure relief valves for boost, control and cooler circuits
  • replaceable cartridge filter
  • SAE high pressure ports
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft
  • through shaft SAE A, B, B-B and C
  • charge pressure pumps for internal and external suction, integrated cold start relief valve optional
  • optional tandem and multiple pumps


  • M1 mechanical lever
  • H1 hydraulic pilot
  • E1 electro-hydraulic
  • E2 electro-hydraulic with safety function
  • E5 electro-hydraulic, 3 postition
  • CA speed related hydraulic mechanical with torque-/power limitier

Control Options

  • power limiter
  • pressure cut-off

Technical Data

Max. displacementcc/rev54.775.9105135.7165.6210.1281.9
Max. operating speedrpm3900340032003000275023002400
Max. speed*rpm4150360034003200295025002550
Nominal pressurebar450450450450450450450
Max. pressure**bar500500500500500500500
Torque (Δp=430 bar; charge pressure=20 bar)Nm374519719929113314381929
Corner powerKW153185241292326346485
Weight approx. (with H1 control, without oil)*** kg46496672113132164
*highest transient speed, that can temporarily occur
**highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur
***inclusive internal gear pump (size 55-135) or external gear pump (size 165-280)
3D Model HPV-02-A2-055R-E100000BA210-42019F0-DS0T21-GP0A16-EA09-R00-055-055-N
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Exploded View

  • 1control device: modular design, precise and load-independent
  • 2swash plate: hydrostatic bearing
  • 3piston-slipper assembly: 21° swash angle
  • 4housing: one-piece design for high rigidity
  • 5valve plate housing: highly integrated
  • 6two control pistons: servo-controlled swash plate
  • 7power take-off: for mounting of additional pumps
  • 8cylinder barrel: compact due to 21° technology
  • 9high pressure relief valves: integrated charge function
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