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“Applications”“Applications”1x HPV 210-02 E2 Displacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable pumps for closed circuit operation Learn More“Applications”4x HMV 105-02 Plug-inDisplacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loopsLearn More“Applications”4x HMV 105-02 Plug-inDisplacement size from 55 to 280 cc Variable displacement motors for closed and open loopsLearn More“Applications”1x Electronic control unit For open and closed loop applications Linde electronic control units of the iCon series feature high mechanic and electric robustnessLearn More
75 kW 155 kW 200 kW

Linde Standard Product Portfolio

75 kW – 200 kW

Application Example

155 kW, 12.7 t, tractive effort 44 kN,
ground speed 40 kph


1x HPV 210-02 E2 (Propel drive)
4x HMV 105-02 Plug-in (Propel drive)
1x Electronic control unit


  • hydraulic drive permits even pressure on the ground and considerable ground clearance
  • adjustment of the drive power at changed load situations
  • load-independent machine response
  • uniform spraying result


  • portal axle instead of single wheel drives

Application of fertiliser, plant protection agents or just plain water. Self-propelled sprayers are well established in agriculture. Not just in regions where several harvests are gathered during the year and sowing machines follow directly in line behind harvesting machines – in Europe too, they help to make the most of time-frames.

The use of hydraulic drives permits great freedom in configuring the machine so as to achieve uniform weight distribution across all the tyres. This helps to minimise the pressure on the ground and the compacting vibrations. Hydrostatic systems from Linde ensure that the machine always travels exactly in accordance with the position of the accelerator, irrespective of the quantity remaining in the tank and of the steepness and difficulty of the terrain. The sprayer travels completely evenly, and the spraying result is uniform across the entire field.

The example shows a machine with a contemporary design, featuring a large high-pressure pump and individual wheel motors. This configuration allows for a more creative machine design and allows for variable ground clearance depending on the application. Moreover, this configuration does not require a manual gearbox and offers a high level of tractive effort and high top speeds for the road. Separate control of the individual motors enables the drive power of the individual wheels to be adapted to changing load and traction conditions.

Other control systems and designs, for instance layouts with portal axes or PTO motor, are also available. The wide product range from Linde Hydraulics allows machines of different sizes and power classes to be optimally equipped – all with the same familiar operating controls.


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