160 kNm
260 kNm
450 kNm
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Linde Standard Product Portfolio

160 kNm - 450 kNm

Application Example

260 kNm


2x HMV 280 (drill drive motor) 1x HPR 165D-02 (main pump) 1x CMF 80 (swing drive motor) 1x HMF 105-02 (winch motor) 2x VT8 (main control valve) 1x iCon (electronic control unit)

  • Freely configurable
  • Hydraulic or electric control

Drilling Machine

The LSC system is high-performance and adjustable. Machines with LSC are not only intuitive, easy to use, and versatile, but are also extremely powerful, as this example of a drilling machine shows.

The double pump in the design example provides the hydraulic power for the machine with 700 litres of oil per minute and can be used as a single-circuit or double-circuit pump. Basic machines for demolition work stand out thanks to another feature of LSC technology: the parallel architecture. The compact design of the Manifold also allow additional functions to be added later. Sandwich valves with a range of nominal sizes can be added or exchanged to the existing sections and use pump and tank channels as well as the LS signal. However, the real advantage is that the system does not need to be recalibrated neither the orifices need to be exchanged.